Gagal Supported by CarbonfreeDC – Langdon Park Community Association (LPCA)

Supported by CarbonfreeDC

Langdon Park Community Association is proud to partner with CarbonfreeDC, a grassroots initiative dedicated to improving the lives of DC residents by supporting sustainable efforts to empower residents to improve their neighborhoods.


Founded in 2008, the grassroots initiative began by offering monthly workshops on sustainability topics. In 2009 CarbonfreeDC won a $20,000 grant from National Geographic and Sun Chips in the Green Effect competition. With this grant, CarbonfreeDC installed energy- and money-saving solutions in 20 homes in the DC neighborhoods of Shaw and Deanwood. Upgrades included efficient light bulbs, low-flow shower heads, water heater insulation blankets and caulking.

CarbonfreeDC is now focused to take its experience to build neighborhood cohesion and implement smart and sustainable solutions in Langdon Park and Woodridge neighborhoods.

For more information about CarbonfreeDC, contact Rhys Gerholdt at